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I hear the questions echoing… what is RockTape?

RockTape is the biggest brand of kinesiology tape, you may have seen some brightly coloured funky looking tape on famous sports stars and athletes?........more


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So the RockTaping is going down a treat!

Lots of positive feedback on pain relief especially on some achillies strains and tennis elbow cases.

Here's a pic of my client Dan having a squat chain and knee decompression taping to help support........more



"I started training with Oly because I was bored of just doing cardio at the gym/didn't have the confidence to try new things out myself, wanted to be stronger and toned. Each session with Oly we increase in weight / reps on the program, change what we do as we go to continually improve. It's always a "......more

Hannah Curtis - Eastbourne, East Sussex
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