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Why train with me over other Personal Trainers?

Nowadays, anyone can complete a 6 week intensive personal training course and start working as a "personal trainer". Unfortunately for trainers like myself with over 5 years of university education in anatomy & physiology / strength & conditioning / biomechanics / psychology, I have been working as a full time professional PT since 2011 and branched out into sports massage therapy in 2014, and regularly undertaking continued professional development and research to constantly stay ahead of the times... it puts me under the same label as "personal trainer".

Newly qualified, inexperienced or trainers with small client bases will often go for broke when they begin and price at the higher end of the market in the hope that people will pay that as "the going rate" as that's what they’ve been told PT's earn on their course! Often in big gyms and sports clubs the client pays the gym a premium price for the session and have pot luck with who they receive as a trainer. Regardless of price when looking for a PT always research any trainer's qualifications and experience's.

I aim to price competitively and fairly with my training. I want my services to be accessible to many and be able to work with more people. It's tempting to take the easier option of working fewer hours for the same money by pricing myself higher to many other PT's based on my qualifications and experience over many of my competitors but I want to minimise becoming inaccessible to potential clients.

Within my sessions you also have the availability of qualified sports massage therapist on hand! I am able to help with any knots or niggles that you may pick up from the stresses of everyday life and training and reduce them within your PT session, no more "I can't go to the gym today because my knee hurts..." it will be "yes! I've got a session with Oly at the gym today, he can sort it out for me!".

I also have many affiliations with other businesses and professions such as Kinetica Sports Nutrition, Forever Living and RockTape to name a few where deals and discounts are available on other products and services! My goal being to provide a well-rounded, complete training and well-being package to all of my clients.

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One to One prices:


Single One to One

Member PAYG single now £40
Non-member PAYG single now £45


Block Sessions One to One

Member block of 5 now £175 (£35 per session) over PAYG
Member block of 10 now £325 (£32.50 per session) over PAYG
Non-member block of 5 now £200 (£40 per session) over PAYG
Non-member block of 10 now £375 (£37.50 per session) over PAYG

All block packages will have a free training program worth £20 and nutritional guide for their target goals worth £15.

* External sessions may incur additional travel charges dependent on time of day. *

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