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45 mins £35 for "basic" massage

A "basic" massage treatment includes uses of normal sports/deep tissue style massage techniques, instrument assisted soft tissue mobilisation (IASTM) this requires very unique, specialist and expensive tools ££££!!! (as well as the necessary training!!!), active release techniques, range of motion (ROM) testing, assisted contract relax stretches such as PNF and MET and various rehab techniques including movement screening, manual muscle testing, neuromuscular "reprogramming" and muscle sequencing.

Many of the techniques that I use in a "basic" massage is way beyond the qualification and ability required to be a sports massage therapist and is a result of lots of continued professional development.

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45 mins with Rocktape application £38

Rocktape application time is generally 5-10 minutes and counts as massage time.

The first rocktape application will be price as a normal massage to allow assessment for benefits thereafter £38.

Client can purchase a roll and application will count within a normal massage.

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45 mins with spinal manipulation £45

I am studying osteopathic/chiropractic spinal manipulations and will include the following manipulations from the end of FEB: cervical-thoracic junction (c7-t1), thoracic spine (t1-t12), ribs, thoracic-lumbar junction (t12-l1) and the lumbar spine (l1-s1).

All available from the Sport Brighton gym in Denton Road, Eastbourne, BN20 7SR or home visits dependent on location and time of day *additional charges may apply for travel*


RockTape is fantastic in reducing pain, enhancing proprioception, increasing muscle activity, improving posture and reducing muscle fatigue. This is achieved through 3 techniques: Symptom Relief Technique, Dynamic Posture Technique and Power Taping. A great addition to any rehab/prehab program.


RockTape Prices

  • £8 - per solo application including tape used.
  • £25 - Sports massage plus taping application.
  • £40 - Buy 5m tape plus 5 applications.

If you are interested in having any RockTape done to help with any niggle or injury please feel free to get in touch.

For more info on RockTape, please read my RockTape blog.

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