Oliver Ody Personal Training & Sports Therapy

Corporate Training

It is estimated that staff sickness / illness costs UK businesses around £15 billion a year, almost £600 per employee!

Staff sickness, stress, repetitive strain injury, postural problems, poor lifting techniques and lack of activity are just some of the most common factors we confront on a daily basis. With the ever-increasing demands of the workplace, these problems are only set to escalate.

Oliver Ody Personal Training, Strength and Conditioning understands the stresses that running a business from day to day can bring. Research has highlighted that dietary changes, a more active lifestyle and relaxation, coupled with a positive attitude, will assist in achieving long term health benefits, success and well being both at work and at home.

We have something to offer everyone, such as:

  • nutritional advice
  • help with shedding a few extra pounds
  • sport specific training
  • rehabilitation
  • lunchtime workouts, or
  • stretching to reduce those stresses and strains

Transforming lifestyles, maximising motivation levels and creating an overall revitalising experience is what we will achieve.

Oliver Ody Personal Training, Strength and Conditioning would like to offer businesses the chance to have full fitness assessments, one to one personal training sessions or group based activities. Alternatively, we can present a short health and fitness seminar in your workplace.

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