Have a read of my client testimonials:

Hannah Curtis - Eastbourne, East Sussex

"I started training with Oly because I was bored of just doing cardio at the gym/didn't have the confidence to try new things out myself, wanted to be stronger and toned. Each session with Oly we increase in weight / reps on the program, change what we do as we go to continually improve. It's always a tough workout. I learn enough from Oly's teaching to repeat activities on my own also in between training sessions. Oly gives good advice as we go on whether I'm performing a particular workout correctly and how to amend what I'm doing if needed. Oly constantly watches to make sure I'm working out safely and effectively. Since training with Oly I am much stronger than I was to start with. I struggled with a kettlebell, now squatting with a weighted bar. I have gained definition to my arms and my butt is looking lots better! I would definitely recommend him."

Jon Curtis - Eastbourne, East Sussex

"I began training with Oly because I had slowly gained weight through not exercising, eating junk and a generally unhealthy lifestyle. I decided to start 3 sessions a week to kick start my healthier lifestyle. My sessions are balanced, varied and hard work. I always feel like I have really worked out compared to if I complete a session on my own. Oly's motivational skills are very good, I suffer from lower back problems so we can always stop if that plays up and I have learned exercises and stretches to alleviate the pain. Since I've been training with Oly I have lost 7kg in 3 months and have now started to gain muscle mass instead of fat. I can lift my own body weight on the bench press and can run without feeling sick. I would definitely recommend Oly as a trainer I have already with my wife who enjoys her sessions with him."

Ang Fuller - Eastbourne, East Sussex

"I had suffered a bad back in the past from my nursing career, I wanted to exercise but I was nervous that I would do damage without professional training. I also wanted to tone up, I'm in my 50's and I wanted to maintain my shape as much as possible. I am not motivated enough about exercise to join a gym and go twice weekly, I have joined gyms before and wasted money. I don't enjoy exercise enough! but by booking with Oly I 'have' to go, I find it more of a commitment and I am really pleased at the end of each session. I have 2 sessions per week with Oly my trainer and the 2 sessions are quite different. Over the 2 sessions we work/cover most muscle groups and Oly increases the weight & repetitions as he feels I am able. I am always amazed that he sets each exercise at just the right level, as in, it is achievable but with effort. I would say that is the most beneficial point for me because if I trained on my own I know I would tend to continue to keep the levels at an easily achievable level. Whilst exercising Oly watches my posture and technique & if necessary between repetitions advises me if I need to readjust myself to ensure I am getting the full benefit and also to ensure I do not injure myself. Oly is a very unassuming guy, he is quietly motivational which suits me, I wouldn't want someone who 'became excited and loud' to encourage me. Oly has a calm manner and prior to any new exercise he takes the time to explain it, demonstrate it and tell you what muscles it is working and the benefit of that. Since going to Oly I have become generally fitter and my body shape has toned up. I have referred Oly several times already (infact 4 people who now go regularly to him) and I can speak for those I have recommended, they would find it very difficult now to give up because they too have seen the results."

Sue Wood - Eastbourne, East Sussex

"I came to see Oly because I had a problem with my back / leg. I also felt it would be a good idea to try and improve my strength and fitness. Oly discussed my general condition and aims with me. He makes the sessions varied and the activities work on the targeted areas of the body. Oly is always encouraging. He will monitor my progress at regular intervals and guide me when I need to improve my technique. I feel it is very beneficial to know that Oly is there to correct me if I am not doing a particular exercise properly – to get the maximum benefit. Since training with Oly the sessions have helped relieve my back problems. I feel sronger and fitter. I would definitely recommend Oly as a personal trainer!"

Daniel King, Company Director. Willingdon, East Sussex

"Having taken up road cycling I was looking to improve my general fitness and to improve strength and endurance on the bike. Since starting however the sessions have shown me the benefits of weekly exercise done in the correct way to get maximum benefit for daily life. From the start the sessions catered perfectly for my fitness level and built up as my fitness improved. It was really useful to spend a great deal of the first few sessions actually getting my body ready for exercise in terms of stretching and form building which really helped me in just feeling better in day to day life. Oly has been great with motivation throughout out our sessions. Never pushy but calm, helpful comments to get you through and push you further in the exercise. I definitely feel stronger and more balanced in every day life. Riding the bike I've been able to see much improvement both in power and endurance making it much more enjoyable. I would not hesitate to recommend Oly as a personal trainer to friends and family and have already done so on many occasions."

Liz Order - Eastbourne, East Sussex

"I started coming to Oly to reduce body fat and tone up after pregnancy. Each training session is slightly different from the last, but keeping focus on the areas which need improvement. The activities are well structured and efficiently planned out. Oly is very patient and is totally focused on improving your fitness and wellbeing. The motivation is not overwhelming, his general calmness and determination spurs you on to achieve your goal and keeps your going. He will listen to any questions or worries you may have and work with you to resolve this or change an activity to suit. Since seeing Oly I feel physically healthier and more toned. Weight loss and reduced inches where needed. I am more confident and less frumpy. I would definately recommend Oly he is an excellent trainer!"

Rachelle Black - Willingdon, East Sussex

"We wanted to have a personal trainer as we were going skiing for the 1st time and had been advised if we wanted to get the best out of our skiing to prepare ourselves physically. We were really pleased with the variety of exercises that were given to us, using different weights and achievable floor exercises for both my husband and myself. We had varied exercises over the 11 sessions that we booked. We had joint sessions which was good, as we could complete a programme although adapted for different capabilities we were achieving the same programme together and improving with the weights over the weeks. Oly maintained words of encouragement the entire way through our sessions and individual exercises, his positive attitude got us through the sessions when he provided us with a physically challenging programme. I would totally recommend Oly to someone else whether they were new to exercise or wanting to take on a specific sport or challenge. He will provide a programme appropriate for you. He is very professional and listens to what you want to achieve."

Dr James Revell DC, LCC, MSc(Chiro), BSc(Biol) - Eastbourne, East Sussex

"Dear Olly, I wanted to thank you for your time and extreme professionalism in your work with us. It was a pleasure to train with you as our personal coach for the team here at Lushington Chiropractic. We had a varied level of fitness and you were excellent in your planning of each workout to ensure we each received the right level of exercise. You also introduced new and exciting routines to enjoy which kept us highly motivated throughout the workout. Any questions we had regarding the workout/developing our fitness you answered with great knowledge. I have no hesitation in recommending your services.

Warmest Regards"

Steve Scott - Eastbourne, East Sussex

"I came to see Oly after having been very active with walking / jogging I had become sedentary following an injury to my Achilles tendon in my left foot. This resulted in my regaining some of the weight I'd lost through my previous exercise regime. I needed to get back into exercise with a formal, supervised programme that would reduce the risk of injury. My sessions with Oly involve an all-round programme of weight lifting and cardio exercises that I certainly feel the next day - in a good way! Oly is an excellent instructor and as someone who before would have never set foot in a gym I feel confident in performing the exercises under Oly's supervision. Even if an exercise proves initially too difficult, I usually find the basic mechanics have been mastered before too long. Oly's motivational style has been very effective with me - as someone who initially found the gym intimidating Oly helped me to boost my confidence to the extent that I am a gym regular now. His relaxed style of training really helps to put you at your ease and you are never pushed beyond your limits. Since I have been training with Oly I have gained a great deal of muscle definition which has helped with my body confidence. As an actor is has helped with general endurance in balancing my day job with theatre rehearsals / performances in the evenings. I would definitely recommend Oly services as a trainer."

James Revell DC, LCC, MSc(Chiro), BSc(Chiro), BSc(Biol) - Doctor of Chiropractic & Clinic Principal

"I started to train with Oly to help me lose weight and improve my fitness. My sessions with Oly are well organised, personally tailored and effective. Oly's been amazing, he's really knowledgeable and enthusiastic. He's always ready to adapt a training session to suit your needs on the day. I'd never work this hard or consistently without Oly. Since training with Oly my weight loss and fitness have improved. I also understand more about what exercises are useful and why but most of all I have stuck to my exercise routine. I often recommend Oly, if your serious about your training then you'll be in safe hands.

Warm regards,"

James Lovegrove - Eastbourne, East Sussex

"I have always liked to keep in shape but recently have found it difficult to stick to a fitness regime, due to time pressures of job and family. Prior to Oly I engaged the services of a personal trainer for a year but found that he was pushing me too hard and not taking into account the limitations that come with being over 45. I then transferred to personal training with Oly. Each session revolves around a series of free-weight and resistance exercises, combined with the occasional "mini circuit". Oly varies the routine each time so that I don’t get bored and makes sure that I stay within my comfort zone and don’t attempt to overdo it. I feel that I have a say in the choice of weight level and number of repetitions and do not feel under any pressure to go for that bit extra if I don’t feel like it. This makes the whole process less daunting and stressful. Oly is excellent at engaging with me as a client and making sure I am comfortable with what he is suggesting. He consistently informs me on the purpose and value of a given exercise and offers just the right amount of motivation with none of the "drill sergeant" haranguing that some personal trainers seem to think is necessary. During each session he is clearly focused on my safety and wellbeing as a client and is also a good conversationalist, so you can have a laugh with him even while you’re working out. I am considerably thinner and better toned than I was when I started with Oly, especially now that we’re doing two sessions per week. I feel I have got there without undue pain and suffering, and am eager to continue. I definitely would recommend Oly without hesitation or reservation. Oly is knowledgeable and reasonable and is clearly interested in getting results for his client. He is able to tailor an exercise programme to suit your needs and to accommodate any injuries you may be carrying. He is reliable, courteous and always on time. After an hour with him I am exhausted but not drained and I feel that I have done good work."

Kevin Head - Eastbourne, East Sussex

"I came to Oly for personal training to help me lose weight and get a better level of fitness to complement my cycling. The training we do consists of mainly strength training but there are also weight lifting circuits included in the sessions that really work the aerobic systems as well. Since training with Oly I have lost weight alongside gaining a much better all round strength. Would I recommend Oly as a personal trainer? Yes, I already have done."

Jamie Bird (special needs student aged 21) - Eastbourne, East Sussex
Testimonial completed by Anna Sutton (carer on behalf of Jamie)

"We got in contact with Oly to help Jamie lose weight and become fitter. The sessions Jamie has with Oly are very good and they are tailored to what he needs. Oly is able to communicate well with Jamie at his level and is able to motivate Jamie for the entire session. Since training with Oly, Jamie has become much fitter, he has lost weight and become more confident in himself. I would definitely recommend Oly as a trainer and for training special needs students."

Deryck King - Hailsham, East Sussex

"I got in contact with Oly since retiring as I had put on weight and needed to lose this and also to improve my general fitness. All the exercises are tailored to improve my fitness level by recognising my current level and stretching me to gain improvements step by step. Oly's motivational skills are excellent, he is able to get me to achieve levels of fitness that I thought would take longer and as a result I look forward to each session. Oly has a very polite and respectful nature. In terms of results, in a relatively short time my waist size has reduced and I am able to take part in exercises that have improved my levels of fitness. I feel by carrying on with on Oly I will only improve to greater levels of fitness, each session the exercises vary so it never gets boring and I feel I'm always achieving. I would have no hesitation in recommending Oly to anybody and I feel that whatever their levels of fitness Oly is able to recognise their ability to exercise and design a program to fit their condition. He is also able to advise on diet and can produce an all round service."

Dan Keen - Eastbourne, East Sussex

"I looked into personal training with Oly as I play Rugby and had been stuck on the same training program and not seeing any results. I knew Oly had experience in training advanced athletes in strength and conditioning which is vital in most sports, definitely rugby. I need to improve all over body strength and power so needed the advice and training to be quick and affective. The sessions are well planned and are physically hard but achievable. I'm currently doing strength, power and all over body work outs, with a lot of the exercises concentrating on training my legs and full body range movements e.g. power-cleans, snatches and squats. Oly has fantastic motivational skills. He always thinks about the client and gives clear advice and enthusiasm. He also takes into account your strengths and weaknesses and uses them to motivate you in your training. I have found Oly to be a very pleasant, friendly and approachable person. In terms of results from training with Oly, my power and strength has improved massively! The main improvement has been in my leg strength an area I was weak in. I have gone from squatting 90kg for 5 reps to 165kg in just 5 weeks. I would definitely recommend Oly to others who are looking to see real improvements in either fitness for general life or sports. His knowledge with fitness ranges from beginners all the way to the most advanced of athletes."

Sarah Stanbridge – Eastbourne, East Sussex

"I enquired about Personal Training to help me train for a half marathon but also for general fitness. My sessions are always varied and enjoyable. Oly always brings something new to each session whether it be a complete new exercise or taking a current one to the next level. Every exercise is explained and demonstrated well. Oly is a motivated, enthusiastic and positive person. He is always encouraging me to do better. Without him I would never be putting as much effort into my exercises. My overall fitness has definitely improved and as a result I have lost some weight and my body has become more defined. Due to the great stretches, I have also become more flexible. I would have no doubts about in referring Oly to anyone else – 100% Yes!"

Tom Fitzpatrick – Eastbourne, East Sussex

"I wanted to improve my physical fitness, strength and body tone. My sessions were very good, with a great variety of different exercises which were brought in at a comfortable pace. Oly was fantastic, very motivating and pushed me to do more than I knew I was capable of. He was very friendly and you could tell that Oly really wants you to reach your goals. It also comes across that Oly has a wealth of knowledge on the subject of personal training. It seems Oly is always happy to help you with your training even if you’re not in the middle of one of his training sessions, which is a great personal touch. 10/10. I feel I now have more motivation and endurance, improved body tone especially in my abs and arms. I have already recommended Oly to other people and continue to look forward to future sessions with him."

Josh Imich – Eastbourne, East Sussex

"I started training with Oly to continue my rehabilitation from a back injury I sustained whilst playing rugby and with the aim of specifically tailoring my training for my rugby. The training is tough but rewarding. The results I gained in strength was more than I expected, increasing my benching by over 20kg and my squatting by over 40kg in just a few weeks. Oly is punctual and enthusiastic about every session. He finds limits I didn't know I had! I haven’t had any problems with my back since training with Oly. I would be more than happy to refer anyone onto him – without a doubt!"

Irene Nixon – Eastbourne, East Sussex

"I was looking to get fit and healthy, hopefully lose weight as well!...the content of my sessions varies, with new exercise regimes being taught. Oly is enthusiastic and has excellent motivational skills, with a caring personality. He has given me the impetus to work harder and achieve more. I have lost weight and am much fitter. I have more stamina, plus I sleep and feel much better. Would I refer him to someone else? Yes, yes, yes! I already have done! He’s great at what he does and does it very well. I also found him to speak to me at my level. Great!! Thank You!!"

Vicky King - Eastbourne, East Sussex

"I came to Oly because I have found it difficult sticking to a routine exercise that will help me lose weight. I’ve joined a gym then stopped going, because I lost motivation. I eat reasonably healthy, and just need the extra help to push me in the right direction. The training with Oly at first it was difficult, and I thought I wouldn’t see it through. But once I got used to the different types of exercise, I felt much more confident. I love the boxing as it can be very versatile, so each week it changes slightly, and keeps me on my toes. I’m a keen cyclist so using the exercise bikes in the routine is important. Also, my stomach/hip area has always been an issue, and I have found it almost impossible to lose. But, the exercises are very targeted and I can feel I’m working lots of new muscles I never knew I had!! Oly is great, we can have a chat as I’m warming up, and then keeps me going until I finish that particular exercise. He knows when I start to flag and spurs me on, even though I’m absolutely exhausted. He always asks me how I’m feeling throughout the whole time, and tells me how I’ve improved at the end of a session. After the sessions so far I feel I’ve achieved a lot I definitely feel fitter, and have lost an inch around my waist. I feel stronger in myself, and more confident. Would I recommend Oly? Yes I definitely would. I’m hoping my husband will start very soon, as he has seen the mass improvement in me."

Charlotte Warner - Eastbourne, East Sussex

"I started training with Oly as I wanted to lose weight and tone up my body. Oly regularly adapts the content of the sessions and this is constantly pushing me further towards my goals every session. Oly is very good at what he does he always encourages me and gets me to achieve as much as I can. So far I have noticed lots of improvements!! As a result of training with Oly I’ve lost inches!! Would I recommend Oly? Yes I have done (I’m not sure if they’re ready yet!!)"