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Personal Training

Training wise I have numerous options of how I can help you get fitter, stronger and function better. If you're local to East Sussex, then face-to-face personal training sessions will be the best way. Click here to phone or email for availability.

Live further afield or want to reduce costs? Then my online training through mypthub app app is the best way, this can be done either through bespoke programmes with periodic reviews via phone, skype or email or through pre-made programmes I have personally developed. Click here for the range of my online programmes.

Live further afield and still want that motivation from someone being there and that real time check on your technique that you miss with following programmes then video sessions via Skype or Zoom are the best way. Click here to book.

Sports Massage / Manual Therapy

Therapy wise if you're local to East Sussex then booking an appointment is the best way. Click here to phone or email for availability.

Live further afield? I can do video assessments and talk through self-treatment techniques and corrective exercises that will help reduce your pain and improve your function.

Latest News

Group Fitness Training

Group Training Sessions

With the gyms still indefinitely closed I've been making use of the grand outdoors. Here's a few players from Eastbourne rugby club going through a group PT session with me.

If you're missing the gym get in touch for some sessions. Or want to train with friends - I can train up to 5 people at a time to help split the costs, with dumbbells up to 42kg each and the new kBox4 I've got plenty of resistance to deliver a proper strength based workout.

Further details on group training sessions can be found here.

Latest Blog



Introducing the kBox4, my newest toy for my personal training clients.

The kBox4 is a flywheel trainer that uses inertia to create resistance rather than weights and gravity. The main aspect of the kBox4 is that you have to work for the entire duration of the rep and set, it uses the kinetic energy that you use to lift to lower you back down. The harder you lift the more inertia you create, so you can pull slowly and light or fast and heavy and with that force it will pull you back down with the exact amount of force.

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Physiq Apparel

Forever Living

Evolution Cycles

Do you have pain related to office work or excessive sitting?

The Desk Job Fix Programme is specifically designed to safely combat all the pain related to excessive sitting. Click here to purchase.


Want quality results fast?

The Functional Hypertrophy Programme is the most efficient way of building muscle fast.


Struggle for time to train?

The Quick Fire Programme is a no nonsense routine that will get you in and out of the gym in 30 mins.


Latest Testimonial

Hannah Curtis - Eastbourne, East Sussex

"I started training with Oly because I was bored of just doing cardio at the gym/didn't have the confidence to try new things out myself, wanted to be stronger and toned. Each session with Oly we increase in weight / reps on the program, change what we do as we go to continually improve. It's always a tough workout. I learn enough from Oly's teaching to repeat activities on my own also in between training sessions. Oly gives good advice as we go on whether I'm performing a particular workout correctly and how to amend what I'm doing if needed. Oly constantly watches to make sure I'm working out safely and effectively. Since training with Oly I am much stronger than I was to start with. I struggled with a kettlebell, now squatting with a weighted bar. I have gained definition to my arms and my butt is looking lots better! I would definitely recommend him."

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