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I am now happy to announce my new association with health and wellness company Forever Living. Never heard of Forever Living? No, nor had I until I was introduced by an old cricket colleague! Forever Living don't advertise - the products are sold solely through distributors like myself which means the products go from production to distributor to consumer allowing Forever to provide premium level products at competitive prices with a money back guarantee.

Becoming a Forever Living distributor allows me to provide a diverse range of health and wellness supplements that coincides and balances my affiliation with Kinetica Sports, being more sports and gym based products such as various protein and creatine supplements.

The products are fantastic! My own personal testimonial for the products comes from a gym session I had a couple weeks back.

I was in the gym starting a new program, generally speaking doing exercises that you haven't done for a while you normally suck at compared to when you were doing them regularly. First on the agenda was front squats - a personal favourite of mine however, I hadn't used them in my previous 10 week program so 2.5 months off training them I was expecting my numbers to be pretty low or to find it very tough. After my usual warm up I racked up the bar with what I usually would do to warm up with 50kg for 10 reps and completed with ease a bit more ease than usual... so with a bit of confidence I racked up my normal (old) 5 x 5 weight of 75kg and busted out 8 reps like it was still a warm up so upped it to 80kg - 5 reps with ease! Feeling a bit confused I popped on 90kg to see how that would go (90kg was my 3 rep max at my previous peak) and did another 5 reps with relative comfort. What is going on?! Ok so now up to 95kg - a previous shoddy 2 rep max again busted out with comfort! Right the tester, now my previous 1 rep max 100kg performed 2 reps with similar ease to 95kg, happy days! I eventually went on to perform 110kg for 1 rep (my bodyweight is 70kg so over 1.5 times bodyweight) with full depth knees past 90 degrees with a steady tempo concentric phase no judders or pauses at weak points - a solid rep leaving me with the feeling of more in the tank. Unfortunately I had to get ready for my next client so couldn't go on. Smashing my previous PB by 10kg after not training that movement for 10 weeks was a clear indicator that something had changed, the only thing I could pinpoint is the Forever Living supplements.

At that point I had been using the products for 4 weeks and here is what I have been using: Forever Freedom aloe gel 60g per day, Argi + as a pre/during workout drink, Bee Pollen for my hayfever, Forever Artic Sea Omegas, Forever Nature Min to bolster my mineral intake and Forever Fields of Green to enhance the greenery I sometimes lack in my diet.

The other great part of Forever Living is the business opportunity, especially for people like me who essentially exchange time for money. The big problem with this is when time runs out I am limited to how much I can earn unless I start hiking up my rates... being with Forever provides the opportunity to build a team of fellow distributors that will contribute to your overall business giving the opportunity for exponential growth and income potential. A cash rich / time rich scenario rather than cash rich / time poor. It is a business that can be worked flexibly around current work and is yours, there is great support provided and the success of many people not just PT's but regular people with entrepreneurial personalities is testament to how well the business works. I am very excited to be a part of it even though my Forever business is in its infancy I can see it taking me on a promising journey. If you are excited too by the sounds of it don't hesitate to get in touch.

Here is my Forever Living website which displays the full range of products:

Oliver Ody