In recent new I am now your local certified RockDoc, a qualified practitioner in applying RockTape.

I hear the questions echoing... what is RockTape?

RockTape is the biggest brand of kinesiology tape, you may have seen some brightly coloured funky looking tape on famous sports stars and athletes? That's kinesiology tape most likely RockTape too. There are 4 main benefits of kinesiology tape:

1: Pain Reduction

2: Enhance Proprioception

3: Support Postural Correction

4: Stimulate Muscle Activity and Delay Fatigue

These benefits are seen in 3 different types of taping:

1: Symptom Relief Taping (SRT)

SRT is a great intervention for mild to moderate joint sprains, muscle tears and overuse injuries. It reduces pain and stiffness, acts as a sensorimotor aid providing proprioceptive feedback which can also be used as a corrective exercise tool.

2: Dynamic Posture Taping (DPT)

DPT helps facilitate correct posture by providing a stimulus or cue to maintain posture as slipping into poor posture will increase the stretch on the tape and be noticed by the client to then readjust their posture.

3: Power Taping

Power Taping helps improve movement patterns, enhance athletic performance, movement control and prevent injuries.

As kinesiology taping is becoming more and more popular there is rightfully more research in the field of kinesiology taping with positive results showing it's not just a psychological cushion. I come from a scientific background through my studies at university which makes me more confident in the benefits of kinesiology taping and providing it as a service to help my clients.

It must be said it is not a cure for an underlying issue! It is however, a part of a collective of methods towards providing a solution to that issue. Kinesiology taping combined with soft tissue therapy and corrective exercise will accelerate the recovery process by helping to reduce pain and improve movement patterns.

If you are interested in having any RockTape done to help with any niggle or injury please feel free to get in touch.

Oliver Ody